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In 2009, Mrs. Horton's mother was permanently and severely injured by implant with polypropylene mesh. It is with great passion for justice and compassion for her mother's plight and of that of thousands of others that compels her work as Executive Director, Patient Advocate, writer, blogger and activist for the Foundation, which helps ensure patient rights are represented in the media, political arenas and in the medical profession at-large. After nearly 20 years in the marketing and advertising industry, as advisor to Fortune 500 companies as well as fortune-of-one, companies, she now writes for patient-centered organizations like WeGo Health and Mesh News Desk, and regularly speaks out about the dangers of polypropylene medical mesh and other medical devices wherever she can. She enjoys her home in Dallas with her much-loved husband, extended family and her three beloved dogs. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and most recently was selected as one of 35 women nationwide for participation in the prestigious women's leadership academy, Leadership America. She is a graduate of the Class of 2014. She is also an active member of the Patient Advocacy Network, a collection of leading patient and advocate voices, supported by the National Center for Health Research in Washington, D.C.



Lee Horton has more than 25 years of experience in systems management and technology consulting, specializing in the oversight of mergers and acquisition as well as start-up companies.

Mr. Horton’s experience is comprehensive including senior management positions within publicly-traded and privately-held companies. Currently, he is serving in many capacities as required by Halton Global Services; which purchased a start-up he helped to launch in 2010 called Current Energy.

He has led the successful custom development and implementation of billing and database management software, including day-to-day management of technology assets and security, the purchase of new equipment, and crisis management.

Mr. Horton has held senior management positions with companies including, Springbok Technologies and Fluor Daniel Corporation. He also continues his role as part-owner and cofounder of MaxPop, Inc. which he helped to found in 1996. The company invented a proprietary DSP Media Processor technology for high-capacity, low-bandwith transfer for the wireless market. He enjoys his home in Dallas with wife, Aaron, and he's not so sure about those three "fur factories."  


Heather Zuk is an exceptional young woman in many respects. Not only is she a talented administrator and long-valued TMWF volunteer, she is also a mesh-injured patient. At age 21, Heather represents the reality that anyone, at any age, can fall victim to mesh implant. Shed suffers daily with the severe adverse events associated with mesh implant but maintains an attitude of survivorship and example of how to restore quality of life after mesh injury. At age 17, Heather was afflicted with a femoral hernia, when she sneezed while climbing the stairs in her home. This hernia and others were repaired with a polypropylene mesh implant, sometimes referred to as a “hernia plug.” After implant, Heather suffered from crippling chronic pain and fatigue. She and her family decided to pursue surgery to remove the mesh implants; however, as is common, many debilitating symptoms did not subside. She now speaks out to other injured women and men, representing the adverse effects that can happen from implant with hernia mesh.


Dotty Griffith's name is synonymous with exceptional journalism and honest media relations. From The Dallas Morning News Food Critic and Senior Editor for more than 25 years to five years as Communications Director for covering hard news for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas, in Austin, Ms. Griffith's career spans decades. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our board. Dotty is also the recipient of a synthetic knee, two hip implants and an ankle implants, so in this capacity, she's able to provide front-line patient feedback to help the Foundation improve its patient advocacy efforts. She is an adjunct professor of journalism at The University of North Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds a masters degree from Southern Methodist University. 


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    Thank you for your kind words, Rod! Each one of our board members is very significant to us and, I believe, to our community. We’ve recently added superstar, Heather Zuk! We couldn’t be more thrilled with our board members and volunteers. Thanks for noticing!
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    A very impressive board of warriors. I can only imagine the time and energy spent by these selfless professionals in their quest to educate and defend victims of this injustice.

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