Women and Healthcare: A History of Unequal Harm



Does America’s healthcare and regulation system pose unequal harm to women?

History teaches us that women have always been more likely to go to a doctor. The reason for this fact is somewhat obvious. Most women have babies; and today, most women deliver their children in a hospital setting with the aid of doctors and other healthcare professionals. According to Scott Burns of the Dallas Morning News, We need a healthcare revolution now.

In his piece of the same name, and based on Social Security benefits as they are now, Burns writes,

“Health care costs are expected to absorb 85 of 240 months of Social Security benefits for men and 100 of 264 months for women. Change that to a percentage figure and it is 35 percent of benefits for men and 38 percent of benefits for women.”

Burns cites Fidelity Investments’ most recent study of lifetime health care costs, saying,

“. . . a single man can expect to spend $110,000. A single woman will spend $130,000.” 

Scott Burns, "We Need a Healthcare Revolution Now” (November 3, 2015) 

These data points at least suggest that women either pay more for healthcare or require more health care as a function of gender.


Modern Medicine

Midwifery_Childbirth.jpgOnly in the 20th century did medical schools change the title of the branch of medicine and surgery concerned with childbirth, and the care of women giving birth, from “midwifery” to “obstetrics.” Before the change, midwives, exclusively women, delivered babies and provided aftercare for new mothers and babies. According to a research review published in 2002 in The Postgraduate Medical Journal, “Until the 20th century obstetrics had been limited to childbirth itself, but the new century saw the introduction of antenatal care. In 1901 John Ballantyne set aside a bed for antenatal patients in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Antenatal clinics were opened in Boston, Sydney, and Edinburgh in 1911, 1912, and 1915 respectively.”

By the 1930s, the idea that medical care and needs for women was much different than that of men was firmly established in Europe and the Americas. Domestic health-related marketing became popular and was strategically designed to target women and children as our country’s men were soldiers, fighting the Great Wars abroad.

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FDA Releases Proposed Rule to Establish ‘Gluten-Free’ Labeling Compliance Requirements for Fermented, Hydrolyzed and Distilled Foods

FDA Releases Proposed Rule to Establish ‘Gluten-Free’ Labeling Compliance Requirements for Fermented, Hydrolyzed and Distilled Foods

November 17, 2015

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today released a proposed rule to establish requirements for fermented and hydrolyzed foods, or foods that contain fermented or hydrolyzed ingredients, and bear the “gluten-free” claim. The proposed rule, titled “Gluten-Free Labeling of Fermented or Hydrolyzed Foods,” pertains to foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese, green olives, vinegar, and FDA regulated beers.

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900 New Patients Being Recruited for FDA Study: Restorelle® Mesh Versus Native Tissue Repair for Prolapse

Hello Warriors;

Recently it's come to my attention that an FDA-required study is actively recruiting 900 NEW WOMEN for a study designed to test Coloplast's Restorelle vaginal mesh for POP. The study aims to test the efficacy of Coloplast's products against the use of native tissues for the repair of organ prolapse.

Here is the official FDA registration of the study and its participants:

Restorelle® Mesh Versus Native Tissue Repair for Prolapse

LET'S START BY TAKING THE IMMEDIATE ACTIONS THAT WE CAN. Let's start by calling each of these doctors and/or the designers of this study for that doctor/hospital practice.


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Sunday Reflections - October 4: Fake Plastic Trees

Almost invariably, I wake up each morning with some song rolling around in my mind. This morning I woke up with Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” in full-on live streaming mode.

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Loved Ones Perish While Mesh Manufactures Profit and the Legal Community Struggles to Keep Pace

Hello Warriors;

As most of you know, the defectively-designed mesh products and their complications, have taken the lives of at least two of our community members. Still many iterations of the mesh, including Johnson and Johnson's TVT and TVT-O, remain on the market and are being implanted in women every day.

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One Paragraph, One Doctor - What I Wish I Had Known

One doctor's paragraph explains what I wish I would have known before my mother was approached and recommended to receive a polypropylene transvaginal mesh implant. #HAWMC

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Most days, by 10 a.m. I have already asked myself one of two questions:

1) "How am I going to deal with this?"


2) "Who can help us now?"

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Things are getting pretty personal today - I'M COMING OUT!

Today is World Health Day, an international day of recognition, designated by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, the organization is focusing on food and nutrition as a means to increase health. Here is a great article to start off your quest to increase your health through food and nutrition:

wholesale-nutrition--supplements-and-your-skin_16000966_800708325_0_0_14049651_600-600x350The Health Benefits of Popular Foods

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David Budke's story is my story too. . . and the story of many Hundreds of Thousands more sons & daughters

But my mother is still living, if you can call it living, with such profound and life-altering complications and constant severe pain. Still- I know that I can see her tomorrow, if not in the fullness of her spirit, in some traceable way that makes my heart feel its home. 

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So, I asked you to do something NEW for Halloween. . . . wha'd ya do?

Here is what I did! 

Due to INJURY, I had to resort to MUSERY!






Are we discussing the MOST IMPORTANT Healthcare issues?

Hello fans; friends and fellow Healthcare Warriors;

Please see this information about hospital infections as compared to other lethal medical harm, based on a 2000 study done by the conservative, JAMA (Journal of American Medicine). This study is only of AMERICANS. I am not being political (I know it’s voting day). I am being COMPARATIVE using analogies we can all relate to from the news. Cool? Cool.


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Patient-centered Care - Mexico has something to teach America!


My interest in writing this TODAY comes not with politics in mind but on the heels (no pun intended) of my own recent injury. 


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Facebook is no good for me. I won't be following anyone there, but I'll be following my calling in the world of the REAL.

Looking towards the future with hope.
Hello friends, fans, Angels & Warriors;

If you would like to continue to keep up with me via my public Facebook page called The Mesh Warrior, then please take a simple moment to "like" the page, as I will not be posting on a personal Facebook page any longer (due to safety concerns).

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The Mesh Warrior is an advocate for those who have been wronged by the American Medical Establishment.
The Mesh Warrior is an advocate for those who have been wronged by the American Medical Establishment.

Our on-the-rise non-profit foundation is going strong, and I hope to have your support during the giving season at:

 The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured 


Click here to join the foundation's movement to end the silent misery of mesh.

Please consider donating. Do so under no compulsion, but with a heart to help if you are able:




With love towards all and malice towards none;


Your humble servant warrior

MESH TAKEBACKS - Take Back Your Family Fun from the grasp of mesh!

Hi Angels & Warriors AND Happy Halloween!

I miss you all when I'm not with you. The paperwork and busywork of getting a 501c(3) up-and-running is no easy task. I'm sure many of you know that from your own endeavors of those of friends. As those pieces are slowly but surely checked off the list, I find myself back to writing to you all, my first love. I love connecting with you, even digitally, and I relish in the times I get to meet you. Those meetings always leave me changed in some profound way. I am always grateful for having met an Angel. Somehow, I come away feeling the one who's been blessed. It is indeed an embarrassment of riches to be so accepted and loved by you. I always want to give something back to you because you all give me so much, just by being who you are.


There are two reasons I do what I do as a patient advocate and founder of a nonprofit:

1) For love of my own mother and my own family

2) For love of you

I know, quite personally, the intimate and often intangible moments that mesh steals from our families. Playing in the snow with grandchildren has often become a distant memory, one even painful to try to access. Cooking and gathering around the kitchen to celebrate family traditions like college football gameday and Thanksgiving and so many other special times that are not, not possible, are simple pleasure in life that we see others taking for granted. It can leave us feeling left-out, angry, depressed, simply hopeless on some days.

I understand that feeling, from a family member's point of view. There are pictures that I come across of my mother and me, those smiling selfies, that were before mesh. I cry. As the holiday season approaches, we all consider: What do we do NOW? We've always done "this" or "that" and now we can't.

I never ask you to do anything that I am not going to do myself, so I'm asking you to consider the "What ifs?"

What if we did Halloween differently this year since I know I can't take my child from door to door?

What if we gave thanks at Thanksgiving in a different way this year?

What if Christmas wasn't about running a million errands to make sure everything is just perfect (and perfectly stressful)?


Trust me when I say, I am not diminishing what YOU, as a mother or father has lost. I'm not diminishing what your family has lost. My family has lost it too.

I'm suggesting that we look reality in the face and say:

"I don't like you. I'm going to change the parts of life that I can. I will have a NEW NORMAL in the face of your continued greed to steal my joy!"

I've always gone trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew on Halloween. I have loved it. I love the suburban-ness of it. Families who know one another from sports, school and the local park getting together, basically to celebrate creativity, child-like wonder, and CANDY!

We CAN celebrate creativity! We CAN celebrate child-like wonder, and darn sure CAN celebrate with CANDY! No one can take that from us, even though we are injured, even though our families are in shambles. So, I thought I'd share some ideas with you to help you see the light in the darkness; maybe establish your own NEW TRADITIONS and NEW NORMAL, a new Muse welcomed in, your creative juices a-flowing, your family sharing memorable moments that have been lost in your journey agains mesh.

Think about the parts of your personality you've never dwelled in, because maybe you've been too busy planning, buying and executing the world's definition of what these traditions should be. My wish for you and yours (and mine) is that you feel the hope building as you read, feel the excitement of creating "the new" and "the possible" for your family, whether you have children or not. I do not have children, but this year, I won't be able to spend Halloween with my family or trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew, so I'll post how I'm taking back Halloween too - how I'm creating a NEW NORMAL too! I hope it will give you some motivation and the good spirits to do the same! DON'T DO IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO; DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO - CREATE LEVITY IN A WORLD THAT LACKS IT.  Love you all! ~ Aaron



Host THE Halloween Block Party - the one where your children get to answer the door all dressed up in goblin gear and feel like the most special boys and ghouls on the block! :) Instead of you running all over God's green earth to make Halloween fun; call in those favors, and send your Hairy Husbands; your Scary Sisters-in-Law; your Ghostly Girlfriends; your Unnerving Neighbors; and that Bloodcurdling Boyfriend on the Eerie Errands for the All Hallows Eve party-to-be. Here are some ideas for family fun to dress up your host for nada lotta. THIS YEAR, THE PARTY COMES TO YOU!


Black lights in the lamps near your home's entrance and in the kitchen makes for a fun and eerie atmosphere! You really don't have to change anything. Just the lighting makes everything mysterious and melodramatic!

A treat of a table - eating candy under the eerie glow of black lighting!
A treat of a table - eating candy under the eerie glow of black lighting!

Even bath time can be a BOO of a good time! 

Black-lit Bath time!
Black-lit Bath time!

If you're having an especially bad or painful day, you can just unplug the lamps and show your little ghouls how to put the new bulbs in place and watch as they delight in the transformation of your home! It's a simple way to create a new memorable moment. Keep your camera in hand! I hope you'll share pictures if you decide to take this idea and run with it!

Garish Garage Door - This one is so fun and easy to supervise. If you have a metal garage or a wood garage with a sealant, this tip won't ruin your garage door!  garage_door_art

- Buy a few cans of Aqua Net

- Again, minimally-supervised, but with supervision, watch your kiddos spray Menacing Messages on the garage! Your black lights will come in handy again here, as the hair-raising messages will only show up when a black light is installed. Ladder may be necessary for this one, so have a helpful friend handy for this project.

-Soap and water easily removes the hair spray, or hey, take the black-light down ad leave the message up for next year!

- Sit with your grand-ghouls or your candy-craving children, and come up with fun scary phrases. Make it educational by teaching them to rhyme or teaching new definitions of words.

Spider Webs are an easy and affordable way to dress-up your entrance, especially if you exchange your regular porch light bulb for a black light! Here is a picture and where you can buy! Don't go to those overpriced Halloween stores. Got to your local fabric store, like Joann's Fabrics or Michael's and buy the kind of stuffing used for pillows, etc. which is easily pulled apart. A couple of plastic spiders and you're done!


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Mesh-Shattered Paradigms

Having a close family member with a chronic illness and injury is a life event that has shattered every paradigm I once had about the way the world works. I've lost faith and trust in every single manmade institution.

Shattered paradigms sometimes free us.

Truly, I have. I don't trust anyone these days.

Still, I vote, because even though I don't believe my paper vote matters much, if at all, I do believe it can't hurt, so I continue to vote in local, state and national elections.

flag_dollarI also vote with my dollaras I believe it's a more effective and powerful way to change the way the world works.


I spend money with companies I KNOW to be TRUSTWORTHY, and I don't spend money with companies that I know to be UNTRUSTWORTHY, and yes knowing the difference does require me to educate myself. But this is the complex world we live in, like it or not. I also suggest you educate yourself about where, rather TO WHOM your dollar goes, starting with the most important companies you come in contact with first:

  • Your doctor, hospitals, medical insurance company
  • The companies who make your healthcare devices
  • The companies who make your food
  • Companies whose pharmaceuticals you or your family uses
  • Your banking and other financial institutions
  • Large government agencies meant to protect you and your family from bodily harm

Increasingly, it's becoming harder and harder to trust these large entities. It usually requires that you sign a contract, a large stack of papers, by which only an X-MEN Super Hero could hope to have special powers enough to speed read, remember, and recall when violations against the individual are made.

Commensurate to the above list:

  • Your doctor, hospital and medical insurance companies are MAKING DECISIONS THAT BENEFIT THEM, NOT YOU
  • Large manufacturers who make your healthcare devices are MAKING DEVICES THAT BENEFIT THEM FIRST AND YOU SECOND, IF AT ALL.
  • Large food companies who make your food are making decisions which BENEFIT THEIR PROFIT MARGIN, not your health.
  • Large pharmaceutical companies, often the same companies above with different names, ARE MAKING DECISIONS THAT BENEFIT THEIR BOTTOM LINES, NOT YOUR BOTTOM OR ANY OTHER BODY PART.

These entities will, at best, recall foods, drugs and/or devices or place more stringent rules upon the manufacture of said products AFTER HARM HAS BEEN DONE, and usually a bunch of harm.

So, I don't trust doctors, hospitals, any entity within our government (including those expressly created to PROTECT US (DOJ, FDA, Homeland Security, etc), our school systems, city councils, politicians, PACs, the media, Hollywood, and especially large corporations.

If you don't think large corporations run the bulk of your state's political and legislative activities, including creating and lobbying for the laws that BENEFIT THEM and HARM YOU, then you are living in La-La-Land, and please send a ticket back for me.

I'll gladly take the train back to Pleasantville, rather than live every day as a sort of "Groundhog Day," rediscovering the deceitfulness of the human heart and what horrors can be so flippantly bestowed upon the unknowing and unsuspecting. People, including myself, generally just want to lead a happy and productive life, without the unjust encumbering, of the pursuit of his or her own definition of happiness - whatever that may be.


Top Brands by State - Do these companies affect the taxation and legislation of YOUR LIFE?
Top Brands by State - Do these companies affect the taxation and legislation of YOUR LIFE?

Do you know that corporations (public or private) are treated as individuals within our state and federal judicial systems? Yep. That means, in the eyes of the court, an entity, no matter how large and dissociated by name changes, the creation of alternate legal entities working on behalf of said company, etc. can do anything and everything that you can do. Like come to a wise or unwise decision, or act upon said decision as a common individual with a common amount of resources would. Makes it kinda hard to prove and entity acted in malfeasance towards others, don't you think? How does any citizen hold "an entity" accountable? It's not easy, that's for sure. We must KNOW THE NAMES of the EXECUTIVES of these companies and appeal to them. These are "the person(s)" of whom the courts speak, but you can hold them more accountable than the court system, outside its confines in the PUBLIC SQUARE of free thought, free speech and free communities.

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Meet your newest FRENEMY; looks like a friend; acts like an enemy: The ethiCON Artisyn® Y-shaped Mesh!

Are they serious? "ARTISYN?" Are we supposed to think of fresh-baked bread and hand-crafted furniture? I did an impromptu experiment and asked our little community, "What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word 'ARTISAN' with no context."

Family Feud!
Family Feud!

Family Feud style.... "Survey Says... BREAD!" Yes, fresh artisan-style bread was the number one answer, followed by various iterations of crafty, creative and handmade. This is no coincidence, my mesh-injured family of chance. Marketing teams spend ridiculous amounts of money on focus groups and research to delve into the psyche of their "core customer base" when inventing new product names. I have been involved in many-a-heated conference room discussion with more than one Ivy League-trained CEO arguing for hours about how to launch a new food dish or line of menu items and what to name each item. If that much thought goes into creating the name of a new hamburger or salad dish, how much more thought do you reckon goes into the naming of a singular, multi-billion dollar medical device, already fraught with problems?

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn flabbergasted at the arrogance of this company. Do they think we don't know what the word "artisan" means when spelled correctly? Do they REALLY think that conjuring and implanting images in our minds of the warm smell, freshly baked taste and the cozy feeling of safety evoked by freshly baked goods will CON us into thinking that their HORRIFIC mesh made en masse mechanically at factories is safe now? "Oh, well you didn't tell me THAT before - it's made in the style of an artisan. Totally safe. Let's do it!"

Thanks for ruining yet another previously-innocuous word for the whole world. Implicit in the word is the creation of such crafts in small quantities. The actual meaning of the non-registered and trademarked word, "ARTISAN" which no one can actually own the intellectual property of is below via dictionary.com:

artisan [ahr-tuh-zuh n]



a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.


a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods:

our favorite local food artisans.


pertaining to an artisan or the product of an artisan; artisanal:

artisan beer.
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Standford Univerysity #MedXHangover - Yes, it's a real thing!

Listen to my friend, Chris, @iam_spartacus on his SoundCloud podcast. God bless you, Chris! You are awesome! The world is better because you are in it!


It's a BRAND NEW DAY for the Transvaginal Mesh Community!


Read here: http://meshmedicaldevicenewsdesk.com/

Mesh news Desk 185 wide


Boston Scientific did not follow just this one rule. But, they broke many others.
Boston Scientific did not follow just this one rule. But, they broke many others. 

THIS is what justice in a courtroom looks like. Boston Scientific will appeal, but it's a significant change in the landscape of transvaginal mesh claims. Of the $73 Million awarded to plaintiff Martha Salazar, $65 Million is in punitive damages. Legally speaking, that means the 12 jurors of, half men, the other half women UNANIMOUSLY AGREED that Boston Scientific knew what they were doing when they harmed Martha and that they should be PUNISHED. Suffice it to say, I agree.

Thanks to Joleen Chambers and Jane Akre.

Jane Akre - friend, mentor, board member, Wonder Woman!
Jane Akre - friend, mentor, board member, Wonder Woman!
Joleen Chambers: Advocate for patients, advocate for me, friend, mentor, selfless leader.Joleen Chambers: Advocate for patients, advocate for me, friend, mentor, selfless leader.


 Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.32.37 PM

Transvaginal Mesh Litigation - Pharmaceutical Lawyers

Please follow the link to watch my public service announcement (PSA) video. I am so grateful to Baron & Budd for giving me a platform to tell my family's story so that we can keep others from this preventable harm and find ways to help those already injured. Family members and Caregivers are a welcome part of our community also.

Transvaginal Mesh Litigation - Pharmaceutical Lawyers.

[vimeo 103382082 w=500 h=281]


Love, Aaron

How I Became 'The Mesh Warrior' and How You Can Too

How I Became 'The Mesh Warrior' and How You Can Too. [vimeo 103382082 w=500 h=281] PSA-from The Mesh Warrior- August 14, 2014   This PSA is sponsored by The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured and Baron & Budd, P.C. My hope is that it helps the mesh-injured community to find, support and to add to the number of the injured we are reaching by providing a genuine voice alongside the TV commercials that sometimes seem more like used car sales commercials more than those befitting the severe injury of so many, precious men and women. WE ARE MAKING GENUINE PROGRESS! Thank you all for your support. Thank you Baron & Budd for underwriting this message and giving of your time to give our community a platform to reach out to still more of the isolated and lonely injured. Love, Aaron #NotOneMore

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