Navigating Mesh & The Healthcare System

These pages are each works in progress and are updated often.

The medical community at large can be very difficult to understand and to navigate. From your treating physician, to his or her hospital affiliations to health insurance providers, it's very difficult to understand how each entity fits together. This page is an attempt to educate our readership about all the moving parts of healthcare in today's landscape (And tomorrow it might be different!).

As you might imagine, not everyone agrees about the definitions and roles of the below entities. This page is based on information gathered and researched by our team at The Mesh Warrior Foundation, and as such, it represents our well-sourced findings. If you have something to improve upon or contribute, please email us at

Most patients start with a doctor when he/she gets sick. But how do you select the best doctor? How do you know if he/she is trained properly in the disciplines relevant to your injury? As it turns out, it isn't always easy to find the answers to these questions. Doctors are service providers, and just like any service provider, it's very important to do your research before choosing the right person for the job. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and then RESEARCH SOME MORE!


Questions commonly asked about doctors:

1) Is my doctor specialized in implanting/explanting mesh? How do I know for sure?

2) Do I need to visit a gynecologist or a urologist? 

3) What is a urogynecologist?

4) If I need surgery for mesh complications, what kind of doctor should I find?

5) I've already been to my OB/GYN, and he/she says I can have mesh revision surgery during my appointment. Is that true?

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